Iced Earth - Alive In Athens

Iced Earth "Alive In Athens" DVD

Label: Century Media Records
Released: 2006
Style: Power/Speed Metal
Country: USA


1. Intro
2. Burning Times
3. Vengeance is Mine
4. Dark Saga
5. The Last Laugh
6. Cast in Stone
7. Last December
8. Pure Evil
9. Desert Rain
10. Dante´s Inferno
11. The Hunter
12. Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
13. Angels Holocaust
14. Stormrider
15. The Path I Choose
16. Watching Over Me
17. Diary
18. Blessed Are You
19. When the Night Falls
20. My Own Savior
21. Travel in Stygian
22. Violate
23. Stand Alone
24. Brainwashed
25. Disciples of the Lie
26. I Died For You
27. Prophecy
28. Birth of the Wicked
29. The Coming Curse
30. Epilog



1999. aastal andis bänd välja samanimelise kontsertalbumi - nüüd on see ka DVD formaati sulatatud. Lisaks kahe ja poole tunnisele kontserdile sisaldab DVD ka footage-kaadreid ja muud fänninänni.



Spyros Papadakis
Metal Invader

First of all, I would like to quote Jon Schaffer’s words taken from their website concerning this “release”: “I´ve been asked recently about the release of the ´Alive in Athens´ DVD and I want my position on this to be very clear to all of the Iced Earth fans out there. In my opinion, this is purely a money grab on behalf of Century Media Records. The reason that it was never released before is because the footage is substandard…The decision to purchase the ´Alive in Athens´ DVD is up to you. I just want you to be aware of what it is you´re getting should you choose to do so…I don´t want to make it sound like it´s some horrible bootleg, because it´s not it´s just not up to the standards that you´ve come to expect from us”.

The reason for quoting Jon Schaffer is because, I thought it would only be fair for all the fans to understand the position of the band on this DVD release, not to affect your decision to purchase the DVD, but to make you think in the long run of what you’ll be getting.

Having said that doesn’t imply that the DVD is awful, horrible, unwatchable or anything like that. On the contrary, having been one of the first people to purchase it, I can honestly tell you that it is not bad at all. To me it brings back a lot of memories, mostly of the first night which I attended with a few good friends. Of course, one should ponder if that is going to be the main reason for buying this DVD – memories?

In all honesty, I can confirm that as a whole the DVD isn’t that bad. Of course don’t expect 100+ different camera angles (only 3 if I recall correctly) or a Hi-Definition picture, but do expect a GREAT sound (obviously) and some cool camera shots! Truth be told, this is a low budget production and it shows, but overall it’s a lot better that other “official” DVD releases, but don’t expect anything like Nightwish or Within Temptation, etc. The only element in which this DVD is par to the other ones is only in terms of sound quality, which is truly amazing and breathtaking, but of course it would be – they did release a live CD and they just put together sound and picture and voila!!!!

In the end the choice is yours and it is a tough one. I never was fond of the corporate rip-off that lately many metal labels are beginning to show. I mean, c’mon, a few years back they were underground and suddenly they have become multinational conglomerates, which many times are ripping us off. Maybe it’s the fact that they have been bought by the big guys, I don’t know. What I do know and see everyday, is that Metal has become much more commercial than it ought to be and another form of making money fast, because nowadays it’s trendy and cool to listen to Metal/Alternative/Gothic, etc…

Anyway, because this is a subject open for discussion and something that could take hours or even days of debate, I leave you all with this last dilemma: Are you gonna wait for the official DVD that ICED EARTH are planning on releasing next year, or will you be buying this as well? Are you fond of re-living those great nights in 1999 or can’t bear the thought of being ripped-off by the label’s easy-grab policy? You decide…

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