Krisiun - Live Armageddon

Krisiun "Live Armageddon" DVD

Label: Metal Mind
Released: 2006
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Brazil


1. Hatred Inherit
2. Thorns Of Heaven
3. Dawn Of Flagellation
4. Murderer
5. Ethereal World
6. Vengeance´s Revelation
7. Wolfen Tyranny
8. Conquerors Of Armageddon
9. Kings Of Killing
10. Dawn Of Flagellation (Bonus Video)
11. Murderer (Bonus Video)
12. Ethereal World (Bonus Video)
13. Soul Devourer (Bonus Video)
14. Vengeance´s Revelation (Bonus Video)
15. Ageless Venomous (Bonus Video)
16. Drum Solo (Bonus Video)
17. Wolfen Tyranny (Bonus Video)
18. Conquerors Of Armageddon (Bonus Video)
19. In League With Satan (Venom Cover) (Bonus Video)
20. Works Of Carnage (Bonus Video)
21. Apocalyptic Victory (Bonus Video)

Length: 02:00:00


Brazilian death metal titans Krisiun are known for their intense, tight, fast-paced live shows, and this program, filmed at the World of Carnage tour´s mega-show in Poland, demonstrates exactly why.


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