Gathering, The - In Motion

Gathering, The "In Motion" DVD

Label: Century Media Records
Released: 2003
Style: Alternative Rock
Country: Netherlands


Live at Dynamo Open Air (1996):
- Intro/Eleanor
- Fear The Sea
- Leaves
- In Motion #2
- Adrenaline
- Strange Machines

Music Videos:
- Leaves
- Liberty Bell

Live in Krakow (1997):
- Confusion
- The May Song
- New Moon/Different Day
- Mandylion/Sand & Mercury
- Adrenaline
- Strange Machines



Hollandi supergrupi esimene DVD-üllitis hõlmab kontsertsalvestisi ja videoklippe Dolby 5.1. Surround Stereo formaadis. Livematerjali hulgas leiduvad ülesastumised Dynamo festivalil aastal 1996 ning Krakowi kontserdil aastal 1997. Peamiselt hõlmab materjali legendaarselt albumilt "Mandylion".



A viewer

I think the first 2 albums that The Gathering recorded with Anneke (Mandyllion and Nighttime Birds) are their best to date. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned that Century Media released the DVD containg "classic" The Gathering footage, covering these 2 albums! After some reasearch, I´ve learned that there´s been some dispute between The Gathering and the Century Media, which is no longer their label. This resulted to this video not being endorsed by the band itself. Still, I live in the US, and have never seen The Gathering live, so I decided to check it out.
First, the footage itself. All I can say is, it´s excellent! The picture is clear (especially Dynamo), the sound is good, and it gives you really get the feel of what The Gathering consert is like. I totally disagree with the reviewer who suggested this is a bootleg quality video. Yes, there´s a couple of glitches with the sound, but we are taliking live, unedited concert footage (most "live" releases are edited in studio to overdub these little glitches, but this one is a genuine live release). The video is recorded with multiple cameras, and the editing is also on a preofessional level. I challenge you to ever find a bootleg this good. My only complaint is from what I´ve heard, some songs from the live show were not included on the DVD. But I´m giving it a 5 star nonetheless.

Now the packaging. Well, we are talking a bare-bones DVD release, if one ever existed. Other than the menu (which is very basic), and a discography (which is just an out-of-date list of albums), there´s nothing else. No interviews, no behind the stage footage, nothing at all. Oh well.

Why am I giving it a 5-star rating? Again, the live footage is exellent, and that´s what I´m really rating. Also, consider the price of this DVD, which is half of what the other videos go for. You most definitely get you money´s worth.

Overall, a must-have for a Gathering fan, especially if you like Anneke´s first 2 albums.

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