Gathering, The "In Motion" DVD
Label Century Media Records
Release date 2003
Style Alternative Rock
Country Holland
Price: 17.99 EUR


Live at Dynamo Open Air (1996):
- Intro/Eleanor
- Fear The Sea
- Leaves
- In Motion #2
- Adrenaline
- Strange Machines

Music Videos:
- Leaves
- Liberty Bell

Live in Krakow (1997):
- Confusion
- The May Song
- New Moon/Different Day
- Mandylion/Sand & Mercury
- Adrenaline
- Strange Machines

Length: 01:25:00

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This first DVD from HollandĀ“s The Gathering features live material and clips in Dolby 5.1 Surround Stereo. The live material contains their appearance before 75,000 fans at the 1996 Dynamo Festival in Holland, as well as the bandĀ“s promo videos and bonus footage from an appearance in Krakow, Poland in 1997.

A viewer

I think the first 2 albums that The Gathering recorded with Anneke (Mandyllion and Nighttime Birds) are their best to date. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned that Century Media released the DVD containg "classic" The Gathering footage, covering these 2 albums! After some reasearch, IĀ“ve learned that thereĀ“s been some dispute between The Gathering and the Century Media, which is no longer their label. This resulted to this video not being endorsed by the band itself. Still, I live in the US, and have never seen The Gathering live, so I decided to check it out.
First, the footage itself. All I can say is, itĀ“s excellent! The picture is clear (especially Dynamo), the sound is good, and it gives you really get the feel of what The Gathering consert is like. I totally disagree with the reviewer who suggested this is a bootleg quality video. Yes, thereĀ“s a couple of glitches with the sound, but we are taliking live, unedited concert footage (most "live" releases are edited in studio to overdub these little glitches, but this one is a genuine live release). The video is recorded with multiple cameras, and the editing is also on a preofessional level. I challenge you to ever find a bootleg this good. My only complaint is from what IĀ“ve heard, some songs from the live show were not included on the DVD. But IĀ“m giving it a 5 star nonetheless.

Now the packaging. Well, we are talking a bare-bones DVD release, if one ever existed. Other than the menu (which is very basic), and a discography (which is just an out-of-date list of albums), thereĀ“s nothing else. No interviews, no behind the stage footage, nothing at all. Oh well.

Why am I giving it a 5-star rating? Again, the live footage is exellent, and thatĀ“s what IĀ“m really rating. Also, consider the price of this DVD, which is half of what the other videos go for. You most definitely get you moneyĀ“s worth.

Overall, a must-have for a Gathering fan, especially if you like AnnekeĀ“s first 2 albums.
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