Pendragon - Past and Presence

Pendragon "Past and Presence" DVD

Label: Metal Mind
Released: 2007
Style: Prog Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Higher Circles
2. The Pleasure of Hope
3. Leviathan
4. Victims of Life
5. Armageddon
6. Fly High Fall Far
7. Excalibur
8. Please
9. Oh Divineo
10. Alaska
11. Dark Summer´s Day
12. Circus
13. The Black Knight
14. 2AM
15. Stan and Ollie



Tähistamaks 21. aastapäeva oma legendaarse debüütalbumi "The Jewel" ilmumisest, otsustas Inglise progrokilegend maha mängida ühe väga erilise kontserdi. Kaasates nii praegused kui endised bändiliikmed, anti Katowices ajalooline live, mille maagia on püütud ka selle DVD peale.



This DVD features neo-prog rock´s great eminence Pendragon in an exceptional show celebrating the 21st anniversary of the release of The Jewel album. On this very special occasion, the band decided to present to the audience an untypical setlist, including mostly songs from the band´s classic debut The Jewel, and several other classics back from the Marquee Club days, plus a few surprises. The band also decided to perform in a special line-up, joining forces with other musicians from Pendragon´s history: John Barnfield, Julian Baker, and Rik Carter. Get ready for nearly 2 hours of some of the best music that the neoprogressive genre has to offer!

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