Solitude Aeturnus - Hour Of Despair

Solitude Aeturnus "Hour Of Despair" DVD

Label: Metal Mind
Released: 2007
Style: Traditional Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. Scent of Death
2. Haunting the Obscure
3. Mental Pictures
4. Destiny Falls to Ruin
5. Sightless
6. 9th Day
7. Phantoms
8. Is There
9. Pawns of Anger
10. Waiting for the Light
11. Days of Prayer
12. Falling

Bonus videos:
Live at On the Rocks, 1992
Live at Joe´s Garage fall, 1987



Live DVD with material recorded on the 12th February 2007 in Poland. Solitude Aeturnus joined Onslaught and the Polish legend Vader on stage during a mini-festival that took place in Stodola Club in Warsaw.

Get ready for an hour of despair with the uncanny doom metallers from Texas! Robert Lowe´s haunting vocals, unbelievably heavy and slow riffs, strange melodies and sublime compositions - all this complemented by the band´s desperate, insane, theatrical yet profoundly personal appeal. The tracklist of this very first Solitude Aeturnus DVD release will be comprised of songs filmed and recorded live on their visit to Poland, including songs from their latest album "Alone" as well as from some of their previous releases (from the classic debut "Into the Depths of Sorrow", from "Through the Darkest Hour", "Downfall", and the cult album "Adagio"). The DVD also features an interview with John Perez and Robert Lowe as also " Live at On the Rocks, 1992" and "Live at Joe´s Garage, Fall, 1987" bonus video footage.


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