Vicious Rumors - Crushing The World

Vicious Rumors "Crushing The World" DVD

Label: Mascot
Released: 2005
Style: Groove/Power Metal
Country: USA


1. Down to the Temple
2. On the Edge
3. Digital Dictator
4. Poveglia
5. March or Die
6. Fight
7. Only Live Twice
8. Don´t Wait for Me
9. Lady Took a Chance
10. Broken Wings
11. Abandoned
12. Against the Grain
13. Children
14. Don´t Wait for Me
15. The Voice



Live DVD covering the full history of this brilliant band. The DVD includes all the classic Vicious Rumors songs live filmed at various shows and festivals around the world and with the various line ups the band had through the years plus all the MTV video clips.


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