Hypocrisy - Live & Clips

Hypocrisy "Live & Clips" DVD

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Released: 2001
Style: Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Roswell 47
2. Inseminated Adoption
3. A Coming Race
4. Apocalypse
5. Osculum Obscenum
6. Buried
7. Left To Rot
8. The Fourth Dimension
9. Pleasure of Molestation
10. Killing Art
11. The Final Chapter

1. Left To Rot (´92)
2. Impotent God (´92)
3. Pleasure of Molestation (´93)
4. Inferior Devoties (´93)
5. Roswell (´96)
6. The Final Chapter (´97)



Hypocrisy läbi aegade esimene DVD sisaldab täispikkuses Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken kontserti ja boonusena veel mõningaid promo ja kontsertklippe.



Metal Observer

Here we have the DVD-companion to HYPOCRISY´s 2001 release: "10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion" (At least I think it is. Both were released in 2001 and both have the same cover artwork). Since this DVD is split up into 2 parts, I´ll discuss them separately.

This is their infamous 1998 Wacken-concert. This has already been released on VHS, and the audio portion has been released on CD. Methinks Nuclear Blast just wanted to milk us all out of our hard-earned money. Not that I´m complaining! DVD is so much cooler than VHS! The sound and video quality is superior, and you always have the ability to skip tracks, just like on a CD. So, if you have not been able to get the VHS, here´s your chance, provided you own a DVD-player. The concert has a nice mix of songs from albums up to 1998, including some of my favourites: "Roswell 47", "Apocalypse", "Buried", "The Fourth Dimension" and "Killing Art". I would have liked to have seen other songs like "Penetralia", but overall, the mix of songs is good. And Peter and Co. put on a nice live show.


Here are the six videos recorded by HYPOCRISY since they formed. Personally, I´ve only ever been able to catch "Roswell 47" on television once, so it´s nice to be able to have them all in one place. They are the same videos featured on the second disc of the limited edition of "10 Years Of Chaos And Confusion". However, if you´ve managed to get that version, then you already know that they are of questionable quality, and the audio is turned WAY down on "Roswell 47". But fear not, the videos are great on the DVD, with no sound issues.

Overall, the DVD is great for what it is…a full concert and six videos. However, in the age of DVD, it would have been nice to get some extras. Interviews, bios, behind-the-scenes, and other such DVD-goodies. But oh well, I guess I´m getting greedy.

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