Slipknot "Welcome To Our Neighborhood" DVD
Label Roadrunner Records
Release date 1999/2003
Style Modern Hardcore/Metal
Country USA
Price: 15.99 EUR


1. Surfacing (live)
2. Spit It Out (video)
3. Wait And Bleed (live)
- interview footage
- conceptual imagery

Length: 30:00

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"Welcome To Our Neighborhood" sounds rather a generic title, but the footage itself is something else. Interviews with the band, soundbites from their latest, selftitled album, 2 live performances, and one banned-by-MTV music video (a brilliant homage to the classic Kubrick film "The Shining"), the movie clocks in at not even half-an-hour, but is certainly worth it. It is perfect for introducing any metal/hardcore fan to Slipknot.


Yes, you´ve heard it a hundred times, or have seen it yourself, the video is short, but it is such an easy video to obsess over. I watched it over 40 times the first day I bought it. And now it´s just fun to pull out every once in awhile and watch. It´s a must to add to your Slipknot collection. The video starts out with a live performance of "Surfacing", does alittle interviewing, has the awesome "Spit It Out" music video that was rejected by mtv. There´s also a live performance of "Wait and Bleed." Not much to this 20 minute video, but it´s still cool. A must for all Slipknot lovers.
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