Sonata Arctica - For The Sake Of Revenge

Sonata Arctica "For The Sake Of Revenge" DVD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 2006
Style: Power Metal
Country: Finland


1. Prelude For Reckoning
2. Misplaced
3. Blinded No More
4. Fullmoon, extract from White Pearls Black Oceans
5. Victoria´s Secret
6. Broken
7. 8th Commandment
8. Shamandalie
9. Kingdom For A Heart
10. Replica
11. My Land
12. Black Sheep
13. Sing in Silence
14. The End of this Chapter
15. San Sebastian
16. Gravenimage
17. Don´t Say a word
18. The Cage
19. Vodkaa /Hava Nagila
20. Outro Draw Me

Length: 03:00:00


“For the sake of revenge” is the proof of SONATA ARCTICAs fantastic live performance and gives everyone a perfect view of the bands ten year career. 18 songs, tons of bonus material ,interesting and amusing commentary by the band makes “For the sake of revenge” one of the most entertaining DVDs on the market.


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