Candlemass - 20 Years Anniversary Party

Candlemass "20 Years Anniversary Party" DVD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2007
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Sweden


20th anniversary concert:
1. The Dying Illusion
2. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
3. Where The Runes Still Speak
4. Ebony Throne
5. Well Of Souls
6. Black Dwarf
7. At The Gallows End
8. Demonia 6
9. Samarithan
10. Mirror Mirror
11. Crystal Ball
12. Demon´s Gate
13. Under The Oak
14. A Sorcerers Pledge
15. Witches
16. Bullfest
17. Solitude

Bonus features:
- interviews
- additional footage

Length: 03:00:00


The grand celebration of Candlemass´ 20th anniversary captured on DVD! The DVD includes band interviews and a whole load of additional footage, coming in at over 3 hours of top doom metal from this most celebrated of acts.


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