Gathering, The - A Noise Severe

Gathering, The "A Noise Severe" Digipak 2DVD

Label: Psychonaut Records
Released: 2007
Style: Alternative Rock/Trip-Hop
Country: Netherlands


Disc 1:
1. Shortest day
2. In Between
3. Liberty Bell
4. Probably Built In The Fifties
5. Even The Spirits Are Afraid
6. Saturnine
7. Monsters
8. Alone
9. A Noise Severe
10. Leaves
11. Eléanor
12. In Motion # I
13. Waking Hour
14. On Most Surfaces
15. Strange Machines
16. Adrenaline
17. Third Chance
18. Black Light District
19. Travel

Disc 2:
1. home-made a film about the studio album Home
2. the 3 winning video of the Alone contest
3. videoclip of Forgotten
4. Box and Waking Hour projection clip
5. edison ´thank you´ videoclip
6. the making of A Noise Severe



Filmed live at the Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile. Tracks include ´Shortest Day´, ´Liberty Bell´, ´Probably Built In the Fifties´, ´Even The Sprits Are Afraid´, ´A noise Severe´, ´On Most Surfaces´, ´Strange Machines´, ´Third Chance´ and ´black Light District´.


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