Turbonegro - ResErection

Turbonegro "ResErection" DVD

Label: Bitzcore
Released: 2005
Style: Hard Rock/Deathpunk
Country: Norway


- "The ResErection" documentary
- Live-show at the Quart Festival 2002
- Additional footage (Hultsfred and Bizarre Festivals 2002 + more)



DVD sisaldab ligi tunnipikkust väga sügavalt isiklikku dokumentaalfilmi Norra rokilegendi taaskokkutulekust ning täielikku kontsertsalvestust aastast 2002. Lisaks ka kohustuslikud lisa-visuaalaksessuaarid nagu veel mõned laiv-salvestised ja bändiliikmete juhtumused.



Jon A

For those who, like me, have heard the name “Turbonegro” mentioned for years but never actually heard the music, this documentary, which screened at the Cph Dox festival in November, gives a good insight into the very rock’n’roll history of this bunch of Norwegian hicks. All Alice Cooper in denim suits, make-up, and glamrock, Turbonegro where stopped short in the late 90’s by their leadsinger’s drug problems, just when they were on the verge of going bigtime. The singer went into exile on the Lofoten islands for a couple of years, and having spent a week there myself in 91, I’m not surprised he chose to come back and reform the band in 2002 after all, drugs and insanity be damned. Meanwhile, Turbonegro had become enough of a cultname in Norway for my wife to have been subjected to their anthemic “I’ve Got Erection” at just about every party throughout highschool, while local chapters of their fanclub - Turbojugend, no less - were keeping the flame alive in Germany, USA, and, err, Chile. While telling a very Spinal Tap story, the movie also credits the Turbonegro members with brains and disarming humour - it’s hard to fault a band who chose the name Turbonegro because they suspected Nazipenis might give them too much hassle - that makes this movie quite touching, actually. Even if the guitarsolos and the sailorsuits make the music way too 70’s stadium rock for my personal taste, hell, it’s better than Danish D*A*D, and once again proves old Varg Vikernes’ statement that “all Norwegians are sons of Satan”.

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