Turbonegro - ResErection

Turbonegro "ResErection" DVD

Label: Bitzcore
Released: 2005
Style: Hard Rock/Deathpunk
Country: Norway


- "The ResErection" documentary
- Live-show at the Quart Festival 2002
- Additional footage (Hultsfred and Bizarre Festivals 2002 + more)

Length: 02:00:00


This DVD contains "The ResErection" documentary - a very personal 60-minutes documentary about the re-union of Turbonegro - and the complete live show of the very first live appearance after the re-union at the Quart Festival in Norway 2002. It also includes additional footage such as further live songs from the Hultsfred and Bizarre Festival in 2002, Pal Pot baking pizza at Pamparius Pizza Place, "Happy Tom sums it up" and a Photo Gallery featuring Mambo Kurt playing "Prince Of The Rodeo"!


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