Sonic Youth - Corporate Ghost - The Videos 1990-2002

Sonic Youth "Corporate Ghost - The Videos 1990-2002" DVD

Label: Geffen
Released: 2004
Style: Alternative Rock
Country: USA


1. Dirty Boots
2. Tunic (Song for Karen)
3. Mary-Christ
4. Kool Thing
5. Mote
6. My Friend Goo
7. Disappearer
8. Mildred Pierce
9. Cinderella´s Big Score
10. Scooter & Jinx
11. Titanium Expose
12. 100%
13. Sugar Kane
14. Youth Against Fascism
15. Bull in the Heather
16. Superstar
17. Little Trouble Girl
18. The Diamond Sea
19. Sunday
20. Hoarfrost
21. Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)
22. The Empty Page
23. Disconnection Notice

Bonus material:
Sonic Spiel - interviews, commentaries
Spike´s Eye - sonic photo memory montage
My Sonic Room - fan letter film document
+ a few extra nuggets



As supreme curators of cool, Sonic Youth have collaborated with hipster pals such as filmmakers Spike Jonze, Harmony Korine and Mark Romanek. The twenty-three videos collected here make great vehicles for Kim Gordon´s sexiness and Thurston Moore´s rock-god aura. It´s also an excellent overview of more than a decade of guitar-throttling creativity. ("Rolling Stone")


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