Gilbert, Paul - Space Ship Live

Gilbert, Paul "Space Ship Live" DVD

Label: Mascot Records
Released: 2006
Style: Hard Rock
Country: USA


1. Interaction
2. Scarified
3. Space Ship One
4. Boku No Atama
5. Wash My Car
6. Every Hot Girl Is A Rockstar
7. On The Way To Hell
8. Jackhammer
9. Terrible Man
10. Down To Mexico
11. Good Man
12. SVT
13. I Like Rock
14. That Could Be True
15. MR Spock
16. It´s All Too Much

Prelude in D by J.S. Bach
We All Dream of Love
Million Dollar Smile
Oh Jenor
I Like Rock
Every Hot Girl is a Rock Star
On The Way To Hell
Wash My Car
Down To Mexico



Bändidest Racer X ja Mr. Big tuult tiibadesse kogunud Paul Gilbert on end üles töötanud üheks maailma hinnatuimaks rock-kitarristiks, kes ei pelga eksperimenteerimist ning esmapilgul täiesti segaste ideede elluviimist.


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