Turisas - A Finnish Summer With Turisas (Ltd.)

Turisas "A Finnish Summer With Turisas (Ltd.)" DVD/mini-CD

Label: Century Media Records
Released: 2008
Style: Folk/Symphonic Metal
Country: Finland


A Finnish Summer With Turisas – documentary

Turisas @ live
1. As Torches Rise (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
2. To Holmgard And Beyond (Live at Nummirock 2008)
3. A Portage To The Unknown (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
4. The Messenger (Live at Wanaja Festival 2008)
5. One More (Live at Nummirock 2008)
6. In The Court Of Jarisleif (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
7. Fields of Gold (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
8. The Dnieper Rapids (Live at Nummirock 2008)
9. The Land of Hope And Glory (Live at Voimasointu Festival 2008)
10. Miklagard Overture (Live at Nummirock 2008)
11. Sahti-Waari (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
12. Rasputin (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
13. Battle Metal (Live at Nummirock 2008)

1. Rasputin promovideo
2. Bloopers-reel

3" CD:
1. Battle Metal 2008

Bonus Material:
“War Paint” colour card: A cardboard card (size of a credit card) with layers of black and red face paint. Can be applied to the face (or body) with a moistened finger or brush. The colors are easily removed with warm water and soap.



Omamoodi DVD ühelt omamoodi bändilt! Turisas on purki lasknud võtta meeldejäävamad momendid 2008. aastal aset leidnud tuuritamistelt - lisaks ohtrale kontsertmaterjalile leidub DVD-l muuhulgas näiteks ka Soome saunatraditsioonide tutvustamine.

DVD limiteeritud versioon sisaldab kolmetollise läbimõõduga mini-CDd 2008. aasta versiooniga loost "Battle Metal". Lisaks sisaldab pakend vahendeid punast ja musta värvi grimeerimiseks! :)



Lords Of Metal

The Finnish warriors of Turisas have definitely given the metal scene a kick in the teeth with their battle metal and the two albums they have on their names have been well received by the international press. Although the band has “only” released two full albums so far, in the DVD-era we’re living it, it was to foresee that they would also enter our homes visually.

Last summer the band did an expansive tour through their homeland (with a few sidesteps of German and Spanish festivals) and the result is now to be seen on their first DVD-release ‘A Finnish Summer With Turisas’. The first part of the DVD contains a seventy-minute documentary about the band on the road, by which all band members (and singer/frontman Mathias Nygård in particular) tell about their experiences. This documentary is not only interesting because of the band’s history and life on the road, but also because of the magnificent Finnish landscapes and also the information we get about some of Finland’s traditions. The celebration of midsummer and the way the band practices the fitting rituals is a good example. The band’s sense of humour is also well represented and the shots are definitely amusing. The second part of the disc contains a selection of the songs Turisas played on different festivals in the summer, together good for ninety minutes of live music. The extras contain a short chapter of bloopers and a hilarious, brand new video of the Boney M. cover ‘Rasputin’.

De DVD is definitely a professional piece of work and levels up to the high standards of today on both visual as sound-technical matter. Although the menus could have had more attention, still they are conveniently arranged and that’s what matters, don’t you think? Seeing the contents of the DVD I can say that this release is not only interesting for the fans but also a perfect opportunity for the ones who don’t know Turisas, to become acquainted with this unique band.


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