Turisas - A Finnish Summer With Turisas (Ltd.)

Turisas "A Finnish Summer With Turisas (Ltd.)" DVD/mini-CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2008
Style: Folk/Symphonic Metal
Country: Finland


A Finnish Summer With Turisas – documentary

Turisas @ live
1. As Torches Rise (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
2. To Holmgard And Beyond (Live at Nummirock 2008)
3. A Portage To The Unknown (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
4. The Messenger (Live at Wanaja Festival 2008)
5. One More (Live at Nummirock 2008)
6. In The Court Of Jarisleif (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
7. Fields of Gold (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
8. The Dnieper Rapids (Live at Nummirock 2008)
9. The Land of Hope And Glory (Live at Voimasointu Festival 2008)
10. Miklagard Overture (Live at Nummirock 2008)
11. Sahti-Waari (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
12. Rasputin (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
13. Battle Metal (Live at Nummirock 2008)

1. Rasputin promovideo
2. Bloopers-reel

3" CD:
1. Battle Metal 2008

Bonus Material:
“War Paint” colour card: A cardboard card (size of a credit card) with layers of black and red face paint. Can be applied to the face (or body) with a moistened finger or brush. The colors are easily removed with warm water and soap.

Length: 02:45:00


In the summer of 2008, TURISAS set out to play more shows across its home country Finland than ever before. With "A Finnish Summer With Turisas", you can join them on their road trip, learn the secrets of sauna and other Finnish traditions on the nights when the sun never sets. Travel from festival to festival and go behind the scenes to find out what makes TURISAS a one-of-a-kind blend of music, traditions, fur, blood and fun.


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