Gluecifer - Royally Stuffed

Gluecifer "Royally Stuffed" DVD

Label: SPV
Released: 2004
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Norway


Live at Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway, May 1st, 2004:
1. A Call From The Other Side
2. The Year Of Manly Living
3. Car Full Of Stash
4. Here Come The Pigs
5. Get The Horn
6. Put Me On A Plate
7. Brutus
8. Go Away Man
9. Automatic Thrill
10. Take It
11. Shotgun Seat
12. Rockthrone
13. Bossheaded
14. Shaking So Bad
15. Black Book Lodge
16. I Got A War
17. Reversed
18. Easy Living

Music Videos:
- Here Come The Pigs
- A Call From the Other Side
- Losing End
- Easy Living
- I Got a War
- The Year of Manly Living
- Get the Horn
- Leather Chair


Length: 02:35:00


The ultimate Gluecifer DVD followed the success of the release of "Automatic Thrill" CD. This DVD includes a 18-songs live-set, all the music videos, an interview and some additional extras.


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