Meshuggah "Alive" CD/DVD
Label Nuclear Blast
Release date 2010
Style Tech/Post-Thrash Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 14.99 EUR


1. Begin
2. Perpetual Black Second (Tokyo)
3. Twenty Two Hours
4. Pravus (Tokyo)
5. Dissemination
6. Bleed (NYC)
7. Ritual
8. New Millenium Cyanide Christ (Montreal
9. Cleanse
10. Stengah (Montreal)
11. The Mouth Licking What You’ve Bled (Montreal)
12. Machine
13. Electric Red (Tokyo)
14. Solidarius
15. Rational Gaze (Tokyo)
16. Moment
17. Lethargica (Toronto)
18. Communicate
19. Combustion (Toronto)
21. Straws Pulled At Random (Toronto)
20. Humiliative (Montreal)
22. Straws Pulled At Random (Toronto)
23. End

1. Bleed Music Video
2. The Making Of Bleed
3. Micha Guitar Tour
4. Tomas Drum Tour

1. Perpetual Black Second
2. Electric Red
3. Rational Gaze
4. Pravus
5. Lethargica
6. Combustion
7. Straws Pulled At Random
8. New Millenium Cyanide Christ
9. Stengah
10. The Mouth Licking What You´ve Bled
11. Humiliative
12. Bleed

Length: 1:05 h CD / 1:45 h DVD

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Math Metal gods and pioneers Meshuggah strike back with the first ever DVD in the band`s history!

"Alive" comprises several live cuts on DVD, taped during various shows on their North American / Canadian tour with CYNIC in 2009 and the Loudpark festival in Tokyo 2008. This is rounded off with lots of backstage stuff, an insight into drum and guitar work plus videoclip material! The additional CD boasts the same 12 live tracks.

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