Marillion - Somewhere in London

Marillion "Somewhere in London" Digipak DVD/2CD

Label: Madfish
Released: 2007
Style: Neo-Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


DVD: "The Somewhere Else Tour 2007"
1. Splintering Heart
2. The Other Half
3. You´re Gone
4. No Such Thing
5. Faith
6. Thankyou Whoever You Are
7. Fantastic Place
8. The Wound
9. A Voice from the Past
10. Somewhere Else
11. Man of a Thousand Faces
12. Between You and Me
13. King
14. The Release
15. Neverland

Audio CD bonus:
"Here´s Some We Played Earlier"
1. Ocean Cloud
2. Afraid of Sunlight
3. Beautiful
4. Most Toys
5. Estonia
6. Sugar Mice
7. Easter



Kena digipak-väljaanne Marillioni 2007. aastal ilmunud kontsert-DVD´st. "Somewhere in London´i" põhiosa moodustab "Somewhere Else"-albumi turnee raames Londoni kontsert (DVD), kahele audiokettale on lisaks talletatud sama kontsert + mõned täiendavad livelood veel.


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