Marillion - Somewhere in London

Marillion "Somewhere in London" Digipak DVD/2CD

Label: Madfish
Released: 2007
Style: Neo-Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


DVD: "The Somewhere Else Tour 2007"
1. Splintering Heart
2. The Other Half
3. You´re Gone
4. No Such Thing
5. Faith
6. Thankyou Whoever You Are
7. Fantastic Place
8. The Wound
9. A Voice from the Past
10. Somewhere Else
11. Man of a Thousand Faces
12. Between You and Me
13. King
14. The Release
15. Neverland

Audio CD bonus:
"Here´s Some We Played Earlier"
1. Ocean Cloud
2. Afraid of Sunlight
3. Beautiful
4. Most Toys
5. Estonia
6. Sugar Mice
7. Easter



Madfish continues with their Marillion reissue series with 2007´s "Somewhere In London" DVD. Filmed over two nights in London, this DVD captures the band at the end of their "Somewhere Else Tour".

This reissue comes in a specially redesigned digipak, with completely new cover and booklet artwork.


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