Shadows Fall "The Art of Touring (Drunk & Shitty in Every City)" DVD
Label Century Media
Release date 2005
Style Melodic Death/Thrash/Metalcore
Country USA
Price: 13.99 EUR


1. Introduction
2. Tell Us How You Really Feel
3. Thoughts Without Words (Live)
4. Destroyer Of Senses (Live)
5. The Idiot Box (Live)
6. Of One Blood (Live)
7. The First Noble Truth (Live)
8. Stepping Outside The Circle (Live)
9. A Fire In Babylon (Live)
10. Fleshold (Live)
11. Walk: A Tribute To Dimebag Darrell (Live, Featuring Damageplan)
12. Destruction On The Road!
13. Thoughts Without Words (Music Video)
14. Destroyer Of Senses (Music Video)
15. The Idiot Box (Music Video)
16. The Power Of I And I (Music Video)
17. What Drives The Weak (Music Video)
18. Inspiration On Demand (Music Video)
19. Live Wire
20. Teasn┬┤ Pleasen┬┤ (Live, Featuring Jason McMaster)

Length: 01:30:00

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Includes all six promotional video clips from The Art of Balance and The War Within campaigns, in addition to whacky road antics, backstage footage and live footage - all compiled from their many tours of the world in support of The Art of Balance.

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