Pain - We Come in Peace

Pain "We Come in Peace" Digibook DVD/2CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2012
Style: Electronic/Industrial/Techno Metal
Country: Sweden


Live at DEBASER Stockholm:
1. Let Me Out
2. Dancing With The Dead
3. End Of The Line
4. Zombie Slam
5. Psalms Of Extinction
6. Suicide Machine
7. Nailed To The Ground
8. It’s Only Them
9. Great Pretender
10. I’m Going In
11. Monkey Business
12. Have A Drink On Me
13. Supersonic Bitch
14. Same Old Song
15. Shut Your Mouth

Live at Masters Of Rock 2012:
1. Crashed
2. Walking On Glass
3. I’m Going In
4. Monkey Business
5. Dirty Woman
6. I Don’t Care
7. Fear The Demons
8. Dark Fields Of Pain
9. Eleanor Rigby
10. Stay Away
11. Bitch
12. The Great Pretender
13. Same Old Song
14. On And On
15. Shut Your Mouth (feat. Rob Dukes)

Video clips:
- Dirty Woman
- Great Pretender
- Have A Drink On Me
- Monkey Business
- Follow Me

CD 1: Live at Masters Of Rock 2012
CD 2: Live at DEBASER Stockholm



Pain on maineka Rootsi metal-produtsendi ja death-metal-bändi ninamehe Peter Tägtgreni kõrvalprojekt, kus metalmuusika seguneb elektro-, industriaali- ja techno-elementidega - tulemuseks kaasakiskuv, hitilik ja tantsuline meelelahutus.

"We Come in Peace" sisaldab kaht Paini täispikka kontserti nii DVD-l kui kahel CD-l - 2011. aasta novembris Stockholmis antud sise- ning 2012. aasta juuli Masters Of Rock festivali välikontsert. Lisaks 5 videoklippi ning hulgaliselt kaadreid lava tagant.


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