RPWL "A Show Beyond Man and Time" Digipak DVD
Label Metal Mind
Release date 2013
Style Art/Progressive Rock
Country Saksamaa
Price: 19.99 EUR


1. Transformed
2. We Are What We Are (The Keeper)
3. Beyond Man and Time (The Blind)
4. Unchain the Earth (The Scientist)
5. The Ugliest Man (The Ugly)
6. The Road of Creation (The Creator)
7. Somewhere in Between (The Dream of Saying Yes)
8. The Shadow
9. The Wise in the Desert
10. The Fisherman
11. The Noon
12. Roses

- Interview with Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner (video)
- The Band’s Commentary (audio track)
- Photo gallery
- Desktop images
- Discography

Length: 2 hours

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RPWL´s new live DVD entitled "A Show Beyond Man and Time” features a special show recorded in February at Wyspianski Theater in Katowice, Poland, which was also the last complete performance of their most recent album "Beyond Man and Time" in Europe.

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