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Eluveitie "Origins" CD
Label Nuclear Blast
Release date 2014
Style Melodic Folk/Death Metal
Country Shveits
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Origins
2. The Nameless
3. From Darkness
4. Celtos
5. Virunus
6. Nothing
7. The Call Of The Mountains
8. Sucellos
9. Inception
10. Vianna
11. The Silver Sister
12. King
13. The Day Of Strife
14. Ogmios
15. Carry The Torch
16. Eternity


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The sixth full-length from Eluveitie. "Origins" deals with the Celtic mythology, "or to be more precise, with aetiological tales from Gaul", commented vocalist and front man Chrigel Glanzmann.

Regular CD.

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