Evertale - Of Dragons And Elves

Evertale "Of Dragons And Elves" CD

Label: NoiseArt
Released: 2013/2015
Style: Power Metal
Country: Germany


1. Paladine´s Embrace
2. In the Sign of the Valiant Warrior
3. Tale of the Everman
4. The Dragon´s Lair
5. Of Dragons and Elves
6. Elventwilight
7. As Tarsis Falls
8. My Honor Is My Life
9. The Crownguard´s Quest
10. The Last Knight
11. Sturm´s Funeral March
12. Firestorm
13. Brothers in War (Forever Damned)
14. The Final Page
15. Dragonriders

Length: 01:22:33


Debut album from the German fantasy metal band. For fans of Blind Guardian.


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