Exhumed - Slaughtercult

Exhumed "Slaughtercult" CD

Label: Relapse
Released: 2000
Style: Death Metal/Grindcore
Country: USA


1. Decrepit Crescendo
2. Forged In Fire (Forged In Flame)
3. Lesson In Pathology
4. This Axe Was Made To Grind
5. Carnal Epitaph
6. Dinnertime In The Morgue
7. Fester Forever
8. Deep Red
9. Infester
10. Slave To The Casket
11. Slaughtercult
12. Funeral Fuck
13. Vacant Grave

Length: 45:14


If you are into brutal death metal and grindcore, you most likely already own this album. If not, you know what to do. Exhumed´s gory creation is highly recommended to fans of good old Carcass.


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