Ethereal Woods - In the Forest of Arden

Ethereal Woods "In the Forest of Arden" CD

Label: Supernal
Released: 2005
Style: Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. The Withered Oak
2. A Prophecy Of War
3. The Honour In The Stars
4. The Song In The Trees
5. Ardenian Winter
6. In The Forest Of Arden
7. 1066
8. The Woods Beyond The Chase
9. A Landscape Which No Eyes Have Seen
10. The Curse Of The Modern World
11. Unappeasable Sorrow
12. The Infinite Realm Of Wisdom

Length: 41:34


Second album from this Warwickshire, UK, entity. Same dreamy mysticism and sylvian sensibilities, but now with heavier guitars, a generally more robust sound, and more confident dynamics.


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