Exit-13 - High Life

Exit-13 "High Life" 2CD

Label: Relapse
Released: 2007
Style: Grindcore
Country: USA


CD 1:
"Ethos Musick":
1. Socielty Provoked genocidal Contemplation
2. Ethos Musick
3. Faciltate the Emancipation of Your mummified mentality
4. Diet for a new America
5. Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
6. Reevalueate Life!
7. Legalize Hemp Now!
8. Open Season
9. My Minds Mine!
10. Earth First
11. Only Protest gives Hope of Life
12. Disemboweling Party

"Just A Few More Hits":
13. Legalize Hemp Now!
14. A man and his Lawnmower
15. Oral Fixation
16. Constant Pesristance of Annoyance
17. Wake up and Change

CD 2:
"Split w/ Hemdale":
1. Gout D´Belgium
2. Black Weakeners
3. Hopped Up
4. Storm of Stress

"Spare The Wrench, Surrender The Earth":
5. Spare the wrench Surrender the Earth
6. Only Hypocrisy Prohibits Legality
7. Only Protest gives Hope of Life
8. Socielty Provoked genocidal Contemplation
9. My Minds Mine!

"Green is Good!":
10. Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
11. Reevalueate Life!
12. Gaia
13. Unintended Lyrical Befuddlement
14. An outline of Lyrical Rubbish
15. Where´s Exit 13?
16. Ecotopian Visions
17. Constant Pesrsistance of Annoyance
18. Inbreeding Populations
19. Self Misunderstood Cerebral Masterbation
20. The Funk Song
21. Get High on Life
22. Disemboweling Party
23. Shatnerspackle
24. Terminal Habitation

"Unrequited Love For Chicken Soup":
25. Fingernails
26. Conclusions of various Religious Frauds
27. Political Dismay
28. Impaled
29. Disemboweling Party

Length: 02:19:09


Featuring a rotating cast of players from seminal bands such as Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Human Remains, and more, Exit 13 pioneered a new age for extremity, merging death metal´s intensity with the urgency of the most fervent socio-political hardcore of the time. "High Life" is the definitive Exit 13 release - a remastered double-disc set that includes nearly all of the band´s out of print Relapse catalogue with expanded artwork and packaging.


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