Exciter - New Testament

Exciter "New Testament" CD

Label: Osmose
Released: 2004
Style: Speed/Power Metal
Country: Canada


1. Rising Of The Dead
2. Violence & Force
3. Rule With An Iron Fist
4. Rain Of Terror
5. Brutal Warning
6. Victims Of Sacrifice
7. The Dark Command
8. I Am The Beast
9. Pounding Metal
10. Stand Up And Fight
11. Heavy Metal Maniac
12. Blackwitch
13. Burn At The Stake
14. Long Live And Loud
15. Ritual Death

Length: 01:06:04


Classic 80’s old-school speed metal with screaming high pitched vocals. If you like that, Exciter will melt your brain.

On "New Testament" the band storms through a bunch of old tracks, re-recorded to reflect Exciter circa 2004.


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