Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer - Split

Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer "Split" CD

Label: Osmose
Released: 2007
Style: Grind/Death/Crust Metal
Country: United Kingdom


Extreme Noise Terror:
1. Religion Is Fear
2. Human Waste
3. Short Fuse
4. Branded
5. Nothing No More

Driller Killer:
6. Yesterdaze Juice
7. Confession Of A Sucking Breed
8. Razorbladin´ Through

Length: 16:42


A raging split EP form these two rejuvinated grind/crust veterans. Despite a running time of under 17 minutes, 8 songs are crammed on to the disc in typical 80s style. Simply put this is the type of CD that as soon as it finishes you put straight back on, followed by opening a new can!


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