Eonic - Shadows

Eonic "Shadows" CD

Label: Oskorei Music
Released: 2003/2006
Style: Ambient/New-age Music
Country: Russia


1. Intro
2. Seven flows
3. Rebma
4. Corridor of mirrors
5. Shadows
6. Cryonide
7. Path of fire
8. Amber city
9. Temple of the astral light
10. Tyr-na-nogtkh

Length: 51:53


Eonic´s "Shadows" brings forth 50+ minutes of calm, soft electronic ambient with a touch of oriental-style melodies. Reminiscences of Anthesteria, Wejdas, Donis, Amethystium, Delerium and Allerseelen´s "Venezia" & "Neueschwabenland".


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