Enthroned - Tetra Karcist (Ltd.)

Enthroned "Tetra Karcist (Ltd.)" Digipak CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2007
Style: Black Metal
Country: Belgium


1. Ingressus Regnum Spiritus
2. Pray
3. Tellum Scorpionis
4. Deviant Nerve Angelus
5. The Burning Dawn
6. Through the Cortex
7. The Seven Ensigns of Creation
8. Nox
9. Vermin
10. Antares

11. Pantheon of Oblivion
12. I Reign Over You

Length: 43:52


Enthroned from Belgium is about as straightforward as black metal can possibly get. Their 2002 opus "Carnage In Worlds Beyond" is black metal cut fully from the Dark Funeral or Marduk mold.

Limited edition digipak with two bonus tracks.


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