Equimanthorn - Second Sephira Cella

Equimanthorn "Second Sephira Cella" CD

Label: Displeased
Released: 2004
Style: Ritual Ambient
Country: USA


1. The Sacraments:Entrance to the Ancient Flame (Precursory Procedure in the Name of OUMQ)
2. To Enter the Tower of Shadows (Trapped in the Witch´s Spell)
3. Rule of Utukagaba (Ruling of the Scarlet Light Established at the Gates of the Waters)
4. Rufulgent Splendor (7 Conquerors and their Multitude Part II)
5. Sephira Tephirot (Natura Non Facit Saltum)
6. Mists over Masshu (The Moistures of Mercury Rises)
7. Sixth Throne of Asaru (The Eyes of Two Daughters Meet)
8. Fashioning the Winds of 7 (Sar Dannu Ina Mari Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part 1)
9. He Who Makes the Name of Masshu Abundant (Sar Dannu Ina Mari Basi Sar Bumasla Emuki Nesi Part II)
10. Where the Watchers Mourn (...and Dance)
11. Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara (The Enthroned Ninnkigal Gazes Benignly Upon the Viewer from a Fragment of Contentment, by Means of a Craft Inscribed to our Queen Ereshkigal)
12. Reflections of the Last Rays of the Moon (Erichtho´s Aggrandizement)

Length: 01:09:33


Ritual music inspired by the Sumerian past. Featuring members of Absu, Melechesh and The Soil Bleeds Black.


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