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Eluveitie "Slania" CD
Label Nuclear Blast
Release date 2008
Style Folk/Pagan Metal
Country Shveits
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Samon
2. Primordial Breath
3. Inis Mona
4. Grey Sublime Archon
5. Anagantios
6. Bloodstained Ground
7. The Somber Lay
8. Slanias Song
9. Giamonios
10. Tarvos
11. Calling The Rain
12. Elembivos


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ELUVEITUE from Switzerland clearly belongs to the fast growing Pagan Metal-scene, anyhow brings some "fresh air" into it. ELUVEITIEĀ“s sound is traditional, authentic celtic Folk Music combined in a unique way with modern styled Melodic Death Metal, strongly influenced by the classic ā€œGƶthenburg Soundā€. With "Slania", Eluveitie goes a big step forward, presenting a completely new style of Folk Metal to the scene - starting a new wave of Folk Metal!

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