Eternal, The - Kartika

Eternal, The "Kartika" 2CD

Label: Firebox
Released: 2008
Style: Gothic/Doom Metal
Country: Australia


CD 1:
1. Silence
2. Without Reason
3. Lost Our Way
4. Self Inflicted
5. Blood
6. A Pale Reflection
7. Sunshine
8. Illuminate
9. Walk Beside You
10. Kartika
11. Means For An Ending
12. Brighter Day

CD 2:
1. Frozen Sun (Unreleased demo)
2. July (Unreleased demo)
3. Inside The Grey (Unreleased demo)
4. Last Embrace (Unreleased demo)
5. Inflicted Self (Self Inflicted Remix)
6. Blood (Draconian Drone / Dark Insight Remix)

Length: 01:01:08/34:00


The Eternal´s latest album "Kartika", may be seen as the band´s most diverse and ambitious album to date. With lush vocal harmonies and carefully detailed arrangements, "Kartika" takes the listener through varied soundscapes, from the emotive "Brighter Day" and "Walk Beside You" to the eastern influenced epic "Blood".

Catchy, melodic, dark and beautiful, The Eternal have not sat safely behind the sound created on their previous albums, and inturn have managed to push forward and break new ground.


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