Entwine - Painstained

Entwine "Painstained" CD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 2009
Style: Gothic Metal/Rock
Country: Finland


1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Strife
3. Dying Moan
4. Beautifully Confined
5. Lost in My Denial
6. Greed of Mankind
7. Dead by Silence
8. Hollow
9. Caught by Desire
10. Say Goodbye

Length: 43:26


The long-awaited sixth album from Entwine, the kings of finnish gothic metal. Another evolutionary leap from the more commercial Americanism and electro leanings of 2004’s "DiEversity" and heaviness of 2006’s "Fatal Design", this latest step presents an even more melody-oriented Entwine than any of its predecessors.


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