Eno, Brian - Here Come The Warm Jets

Eno, Brian "Here Come The Warm Jets" CD

Label: Island
Released: 1974
Style: Glam/Art Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Needles in the Camel´s Eye
2. The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
3. Baby´s on Fire
4. Cindy tells me
5. Driving me backwards
6. On Some Faraway Beach
7. Blank Frank
8. Dead Finks don´t Talk
9. Some of them are Old
10. Here Come the Warm Jets

Length: 42:01


There has never been an artist more mystic (in the prog world, anyway) than Brian Eno. He has had many occupations that have influenced many musicians: he was the founding father of ambient music (though some might give him nosmall amount of flak for starting new age slop), a glam rocker, an expert at the synthesizer and many other strange electronic devices, a producer of hits for U2 and Talking Heads, an explorer of non-western musical themes and, as he was known to everyone who liked him, a "non-musician." (Prog Archives).


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