Eno, Brian - Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Eno, Brian "Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)" CD

Label: Virgin
Released: 1974/2009
Style: Glam/Art Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
2. Back In Judy´s Jungle
3. The Fat Lady of Limbourg
4. Mother Whale Eyeless
5. The Great Pretender
6. Third Uncle
7. Put A Straw Under Baby
8. The True Wheel
9. China My China
10. Taking Tiger Mountain

Length: 48:14


There has never been an artist more mystic than Brian Eno. He was the founding father of ambient music, a glam rocker, an expert at the synthesizer and many other strange electronic devices and an explorer of non-western musical themes.


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