Eno, Brian - More Music For Films

Eno, Brian "More Music For Films" CD

Label: EMI
Released: 2005/2009
Style: Ambient
Country: United Kingdom


1. Last Door
2. Chemin de Fer
3. Dark Waters
4. Fuseli
5. Melancholy Waltz
6. Northern Lights
7. From the Coast
8. Shell
9. Empty Landscape
10. Reactor
11. Secret
12. Don´t Look Back
13. Marseilles
14. Dove
15. Roman Twilight
16. Dawn, Marshland
17. Climate Study
18. Drift Study
19. Approaching Taidu
20. Always Returning (II)

Length: 43:18


There has never been an artist more mystic than Brian Eno. He was the founding father of ambient music, a glam rocker, an expert at the synthesizer and many other strange electronic devices and an explorer of non-western musical themes.


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