Eluveitie - Everything Remains

Eluveitie "Everything Remains" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2010
Style: Melodic Folk/Death Metal
Country: Switzerland


1. Otherworld
2. Everything Remains As It Never Was
3. Thousandfold
4. Nil
5. The Essence of Ashes
6. Isara
7. Kingdom Come Undone
8. Quoth the Raven
9. (Do)minion
10. Setlon
11. Sempiternal Embers
12. Lugdûnon
13. The Liminal Passage

Length: 44:23


The Eluveitie´s saga of success began just when mainman and mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann decided to form the band with the goal to fuse gothenburg styled melodic death metal with ancient folk melodies and themes to a powerful mixture that would soon become the „New Wave Of Folk Metal“.

"Everything Remains" has everything Eluveitie´s fans and not-yet-fans are asking for: fascinating ancient melodies and stories, bonebreaking, heavy but still danceable death metal and huge choruses that will appeal to all kind of metalheads.


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