Entwine - Rough N´ Stripped

Entwine "Rough N´ Stripped " 2CD

Label: Spinefarm
Released: 2010
Style: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland


CD 1 - Rough:
1. Save Your Sins
2. Chameleon Halo
3. Still Remains
4. Surrender
5. Twisted
6. Frozen By The Sun
7. Bitter Sweet
8. The Pit
9. Strife
10. Curtained Life
11. Break Me
12. New Dawn
13. Caught By Desire
14. Losing The Ground
15. Out Of You
16. Refill My Soul
17. Time Of Despair
18. Thy Guiding Light

CD 2 - Stripped:
1. Another Life
2. Lost In My Denial (stripped remix)
3. Closer (My Love) (acoustic version)
4. Everything For You (acoustic version)
5. Say Goodbye (stripped remix)
6. Until The End (acoustic version)
7. Time Of Despair (MGI remix)
8. Frozen By The Sun (stripped remix)
9. Grace (acoustic version)



The first ever best-of-album from those finnish goth-metallers, with the first disc containing original versions of the band´s best material and the second disc featuring new acoustic or remixed versions of the group´s lighter and mellower songs.


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