Electric Wizard - Black Masses

Electric Wizard "Black Masses" CD

Label: Rise Above
Released: 2010
Style: Psychedelic Doom Metal
Country: United Kingdom


1. Black Mass
2. Venus in Furs
3. The Nightchild
4. Patterns of Evil
5. Satyr IX
6. Turn Off Your Mind
7. Scorpio Curse
8. Crypt of Drugula

Length: 59:09


Through a haze of ever-bleaker dopesmoke the black titans of underground doom, Electric Wizard, rise from the unholy grave once again! From the psychedelic swamp of the ravens they summon 8 hymns of pulsating necro-doom, an unbelievable wizards brew of early acid rock psychedelia, 1970’s heavy metal and early 80’s satanic metal, distilled through endless loops of exploitation horror cinema, supersleazy 70’s necroporn and, inevitably, chronic and habitual drug abuse...


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