Evoken - Quietus

Evoken "Quietus" CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2001/2011
Style: Funeral Death/Doom Metal
Country: USA


1. In Pestilence
2. Burning
3. Withering Indignation
4. Tending The Dire Hatred
5. Where Ghosts Fall Silent
6. Quietus
7. Embrace The Emptiness
8. Atrementous Journey

Bonus tracks:
9. Instrumental (from 2004)
10. Ascension of the Infernal Sephiroth (rehearsal demo 1992 (Pre-Evoken)

Length: 01:03:10 + bonus


Evoken have become known for their thick walls of apocalyptic guitar on long epic tracks featuring strong, dark atmospherics. Their style draws comparisons to acts such as early My Dying Bride and also Finnish band Thergothon.

"Quietus" was Evoken’s second full-length studio album, originally released in 2001. This edition includes the extremely rare 1992 rehearsal recording from when the band was known as Funereus - the song having never been recorded for any official release. Also included is another rare track, an instrumental originally from 2004.


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