Elend - The Umbersun

Elend "The Umbersun" Digipak CD

Label: Orphika
Released: 1998/2008
Style: Dark Ambient/Neoclassical
Country: France


1. Du Tréfonds des Ténèbres
2. Melpomene
3. Moon of Amber
4. Apocalypse
5. Umbra
6. The Umbersun
7. In The Embrasure of Heaven
8. The Wake of the Angel
9. Au Tréfonds des Ténèbres

Length: 01:06:48


The fourth album by French neoclassical/dark-ambient band Elend. It is the third and final album in "the Officium Tenebrarum" trilogy.

Re-released on April 21st 2008 by Orphika. This edition features the original artwork (refused by Music for Nations at the time of the first release) and a bonus track recorded during the same sessions.


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