Eths - III

Eths "III" CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2012
Style: Groove/Metalcore
Country: France


1. Voragine
2. Harmaguedon
3. Adonaï
4. Gravis Venter
5. Inanis Venter
6. Sidus
7. Proserpina
8. Hercolubus
9. Praedator
10. Anatemnein



ENGLISH EDITION - with four songs in english!

In their native France, Eths are superstars. With their third full-length "III", the band are now ready to conquer the world. Produced by Fredrik Nordström in Studio Fredman the album comes with a massive yet crisp and nuanced sound that perfectly fits Eths´ modern metal style.

Eths´ music resembles a vital melting pot of metalcore, post-Korn metal, orchestral and electronic elements and more that seemingly effortlessly merge into organic, hard and still very catchy songs.


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