Enslaved - Isa

Enslaved "Isa" CD

Label: Tabu Recordings
Released: 2004
Style: Progressive Viking/Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Intro: Green Reflection
2. Lunar Force
3. Isa
4. Ascension
5. Bounded By Allegiance
6. Violet Dawning
7. Return To Yggdrasil
8. Secrets of the Flesh
9. Neogenesis
10. Outro: Communion

Length: 51:01


Now firmly settled into their 5-piece lineup, including leaders Ivar and Grutle, plus a full-time keyboardist, Enslaved presents another album in their fascinating evolution, a milestone in progressive metal (or, if you prefer, avant-garde black metal). Enslaved are way too talented to stand in one place for long; ´Isa´ sees the band tightening in all areas as well as exploring lots of new ground.


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