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Insense "Burn In Beautiful Fire" CD
Label Indie
Release date 2011
Style Modern Metal
Country Norra
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Death for Me, Death for You
2. Surviving Self Resentment
3. Alone in a Crowd
4. Overrated
5. Social Woes
6. Burn in Beautiful Fire
7. Envy the Dead
8. Perversion
9. Nothing to Live For
10. High On Rejection

Length: 39:00

"Insense fuse the relentless mechanical assault of Fear Factory and the seething hardcore aggression of Hatebreed with phat Entombed-style grooves." – Metal Hammer

Insense comes from Norway and their music can be described as a schizophrenic mesh of technically brutal riffs and agressive melodies.

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