Thou Shell Of Death - Cave Hill

Thou Shell Of Death "Cave Hill" Gatefold LP (White)

Label: Talheim
Released: 2015
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Estonia


Side A:
1. Mysteries

Side B:
2. The Spirit of the Forest Spring

Length: 33:35


Exactly 100 years after Madison J. Cawein´s departure to the world beyond, Thou Shell of Death pay homage to the author of the band´s lyrics by releasing an exclusive 12" vinyl. EP „Cave Hill“ includes two new songs by Thou Shell of Death, both somewhat deviating from the band´s regular songwriting and revealing different kinds of inspiration. The first song „Mysteries“ represents the post-black metal side of the band, abandoning the usual monotonous sound and offering some surprises. The second track „The Spirit of the Forest Spring“ is the most funeral doom-inspired and monolithic piece that Thou Shell of Death have ever written.

White LP, 400 copies made.


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