Herald - Masin

Herald "Masin" Gatefold 2LP

Label: Besat Records
Released: 2015/2016
Style: True Heavy Metal
Country: Estonia


Plaat 1:
1. Adrenaliin
2. Meister
3. Masin
4. Kallis kivi
5. Võõras omade seas
6. Tühised teooriad
7. Kahe näoga mees (gluteenivaba live)

Plaat 2:
8. Tühjust täis
9. Fööniks
10. Foobia
12. Ussipesa
13. Hõbe ja kuld
14. Kahe näoga mees
15. Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast (lõkkeõhtu live)



Herald, founded in 2000, is an Estonian heavy-metal band that has brought the true spirit back to the local metal scene. Their catchy live shows, adroit use of instruments and thought-provoking lyrics have successfully incited the interest and respect of teenage rockers as well as long-time metal veterans.

"Masin" is Herald´s third full-length.


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