Mess - Küsi eneselt

Mess "Küsi eneselt" Gatefold 2LP (Must / Black)

Label: Strangiato
Released: 2016
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: Estonia


Side A::
1. Lugu / Story
2. Valged hommikud / Bright Mornings
3. Üksi / Alone

Side B:
4. Rohelised leed / Green Hearths
5. Pilvini / To The Clouds

Side C:
6. Küsi eneselt / Ask Yourself

Side D:
7. Tiik / The Pond
8. Lugu / Story (2009)

Length: 01:08:18


"The progressive rock group Mess was created in 1974 and despite being together for just two years this ensemble became the beacon to a new path and an influence to the entire former Soviet empire. In terms of music, Mess reached for so-called evolved forms by complementing the standard rock format with a multitude of percussions, an oboe, an English horn, a church organ, a French horn, a choir and novel — certainly for their time — electronics. Carefully selected lyrics valued profundity above poetic beauty.
Another novel approach was the aspiration toward the synthesis of various art forms clearly evident at Mess concerts. The stage was turned into a place of ritual where music, picture slides, fog, smoke, lights and, of course, the sculptured works of Kaarel Kurismaa assembled into a new, consistent multi-medium.

Unfortunately visual footage of these stage rituals has been lost, but at least the recorded music still exists and has the power to reach you in these modern times.

The program piece “Lugu” (“Story”), written in 1975, deals with the contradictory nature of life: youth (represented by guitar) has plenty of strength, but little wisdom, while old age (English horn) is full of wisdom, but lacking in strength. This LP features two versions of the piece. At the time of the recording of the first version, the album’s opening track, I was 18 years of age; the second version was recorded when I was 52. Thus me and my friends from Mess have managed to explore both shores of the same phenomenon — the voyage from youth to senescence."

Sven Grünberg


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