Jinjer - Cloud Factory (POES 27.02.)

Jinjer "Cloud Factory (POES 27.02.)" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2014/2018
Style: Djent/Metalcore
Country: Ukraine


1. Outlander
2. A Plus or a Minus
3. No Hoard of Value
4. Cloud Factory
5. Who Is Gonna Be the One
6. When Two Empires Collide
7. Желаю Значит Получу
8. Bad Water
9. A Plus or a Minus (live from Sentrum)
10. Who Is Gonna Be the One (live from Atlas)



IN STOCK 27.02.

This is extremely groovy, disharmonic Djent - technically tricky like progressive Death Metal with a flip side of sensual jazz, tumbling delightfully between Nu Metal and Metalcore. A reissue of Jinjer´s 2014 breakthrough album, with two bonus live tracks.


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