Metsatöll - Ulg

Metsatöll "Ulg" LP

Label: Blackspin Music
Released: 2011
Style: Folk Metal
Country: Estonia


Side A:
1. Agu
2. Sõjasüda
3. Küü
4. Muhu õud
5. Kivine maa
6. Rabakannel

Side B:
7. Isata
8. Kahjakaldad
9. Tormilind
10. Ulg
11. Eha

Length: 43:34


Metsatöll´s new album "Ulg" ("The Howl") will be unleashed on November 1st.

"Ulg" was recorded, from start to finish, from writing the songs to the recording of the last screams and bagpipe tootles, in the forests of Southern Estonia, away from city noises and everyday clamour.

Luxurious vinyl edition, limited to 350x 140-gram black LP-s with special vinyl mastering. Includes 50 x 70 cm folded band poster. The vinyls were made in England, at an old EMI LP-factory.


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